Thursday, 2 May 2013

The start of my summer wardrobe!

I feel like this is a super summery post as as the title suggests I'm buying what are the beginnings of my summer wardrobe right now. You see it's definitely starting to get warmer and I you can see from my last two posts i've been rather akin to hiding myself away in all black for most of the winter and now it's time to get some colour! Unsurprisingly all of these items are from Topshop! I do shop in other shops honest but it's just that we have so much great stuff in at the moment. I'm particularly obsessed with yellow at the moment as you can see. I have an appointment at the hairdressers tomorrow and after that I should be white blonde, bye bye crazy colours! So I can just see the yellow looking great with blonde hair! I'm not too sure whether i'm keeping the two piece outfit or the check/polka dot skirt as I already have a similar yellow skirt but all the others are definites. Expect to see them featured in some outfit posts over the coming week or so. Enjoy your weekend lovelies and make the most of the sunny sunshine!!!
Charlie x x x x


  1. I really love the crop top & yellow checkered mini. Checkers and polka dots, all in one?! too adorable.

  2. I absolutely love everything you've bought and that lippy colour is going to look SO HOT on you with your hair. Amazing!


  3. Insanely jealous of your wardrobe :(!

    lucy xx