Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday love

So this is the outfit i'm wearing today, just went for a comfy cosy number as I'll mostly be doing lots of jobs at home today, like getting more lovely jewels up on the Honey Rose & Amber Etsy shop, hurrah!
I like the clashing monochrome prints in this outfit and of course my lovely new fluffy pink angora jumper which is just soooo soft!
The jumper is from the old Lana Del Rey collection for H&M which sold out when I wanted it at the time but I have since won it on eBay for £7, amazing! The polka dot shirt is actually Primark, Topshop do a nearly identical one but this was only £12 and the skirt is from Motel Rocks which is actually part of a two piece with a matching little crop top which I wear when i'm feeling brave enough.
You can see from these pictures that my hair still isn't the 'perfect' ice white blonde that I want it yet but going from blue to blonde is quite a big undertaking so it's being done in stages. It's not bad at the moment yet and i'm really enjoying having blonde hair again.
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.
Charlie x x x

1 comment:

  1. Your hair is so amazing. It looks especially lovely with that pink jumper too!

    Rosie x