Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spots & Floral Brights.

I have treated myself a little this week as you can see. I don't buy new clothes every week I promise. But when this darling polka dot shirt came into work at the beginning of the week I just couldn't resist. At only £29 from Topshop I thought it was a steal as its something that I know i'll get so much wear from.
The second and third purchases were a little more risky but it was love at first sight and I just couldn't put them back. The floral bomber I know I will wear as I just seem to be into buying bombers at the moment and again was a pretty baragainous price of £22.75! The trousers again i'm pretty sure I'll get my wear from as I am a lady who loves a printed trouser! I am going to be rocking the outfit as a co-ord on the blog at some point later this week. Oh and the trousers were £16.75. Don't you just love Forever 21 and there oh so random pricing of things.
Lastly my lovely gradient cats eye sunnies. Cats eye are a must for me for sunglasses and my actual glasses are this shape too, I just love the style. These were a total steal at £4.90, I had to have them!
So what are we thinking to the co-ord, should I rock it as an outfit or just keep it as separates?
Charlie x x x


  1. I'm also partial to a good pair of patterned pants! I seem to have subconsciously built up quite a collection of them. Also, that polka dot shirt is the cutest, I think I might have to buy it when I go home!

    Travels of a Polyglot

    1. P.s. personally I'd keep it as separates, but I'm sure you could find a way to make it work together! x

  2. I bet you would look SO amazing in the floral outfit! I def think you could rock it together if you keep the jacket open with a bright - plain top underneath! xxx