Saturday, 18 May 2013

Flowers and fierce poses!

A quick little outfit post as i've been dying to wear this bomber jacket since I brought it last week. I love love the bright floral pattern and the really nice silky fabric. I haven't been brave enough to wear the whole outfit yet though, I think my neighbours already think i'm bonkers for standing next to various walls, in various outfits doing various poses haha! Also I had a near death experience when taking these photos as a frog jumped out at me and i'm really scared of them for some reason even though I think they're kind of cute! Anyway the rest of the outfit is just a basic black tee from Topshop that's just super oversized and it was only £14. Fishnet tights and my eBay cycling shorts. I also wore gold jewellery which is something you don't see me doing very often. Also i'm wearing my Topshop Astrix boots which i've not had anywhere near enough wear from yet as I love them so much but I just don't very often wear heels. I know they're quite a small heel for most people but they still kinda scare me as at 5ft 11 I kinda live in flats.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Charlie x x x


  1. lookin good girl!!! dd you design your blog i need somebody to do mine :'( xx

  2. That jacket is great, and I love your hair! xx